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Back from London!

A full recounting of the trip can be found on Lizard's journal.

Saw a lot of stuff. Spent more money than I probably should have.

I now know why Japanese swords have "hammon", the wavy line along the blade edge.

Museums still seem to focus laregly on stuff other than the stuff I want to see.

Most of the museums in London use lighting/glass that make photography difficult/impossible. I suspect I need to fiddle with the camera more to get pics to come out.

I bought 3 bottles of scotch, and a bottle of La Fee absinthe. I am looking forward to tasting them tonight. I was seriously pondering crashing Webby's hottubbing tonight, but I cannot pass up sleeping in my own bed. Which reminds me to worry about car fundage, and how much damage this trip did to it. Bah!

I also discovered the way to drink mead, so that it doesn't taste bad - heat it up! I bought a bottle of mead at the Tower of London, and didn't discover this until my last glass. Heated up, it was really tasty.

I am more glad now, that the LCBO is currently carrying two kinds of mead.

I am on vacation for most of this week, only returning to work for Friday. Anyone got time to kill this week?

It is my brother's Bday this week, so we're doing his annual bday dinner Saturday night.
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