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New Year's resolutions

I don't usually do these, but I've been thinking up things I wanna do for months now.

So here goes;

  1. Role play at least once a month - kalivor's Mage game should cover this one

  2. Go out clubbing at least once a month! I really do enjoy it, and it does wonders for my headspace. So, once a month I will be calling a night of gothclubbing, and heading out on a Saturday or Friday. People are welcome to join me, or not - I need to remember that I can have a good time going by myself. And hey, maybe my dancing will improve!

  3. Read one "serious" book for every three fluff books - Most of what I read is stuff genre fiction. While there's nothing wrong with that I want to read more non-fiction/stuff that makes one think. I currently have two volumes of Carlos Castenada to read, and there are a whole lot of Lizard's cultural study type books that I want to read. The latter might occasionally require paper covers put over them since I do some of my reading at work, and I don't really want to explain to coworkers (keeping in mind that some of these people don't recognize the humanities, especially women's studies, as "real" scholarship) that "Real Live Nude Girl" isn't porn.

  4. Get the fucking car. The inconvenience of not having a car is convincing me to try the inconvenience of having one.

  5. More goth clothes! I picked up a velvet coat in London (and saw a dozen or so things I wanted) in Camden (which part of town I, predictably, fell in love with), and want more. I have several sewing projects planned which I shoudl work on. I am also planning to get a new pair of shiny plastic pants when I have reached the next waist size down (I'm a little over half way there - my 36" pants are loose, and a tape measure puts me at about 35". 1) This will not happen until after the car, and after buying more "normal" clothes, so it'll be a while.

  6. As a follow up to getting more goth clothes, wear them more! One would think that this would follow from goign to the club more, but only partly - when I club, I dance, and sweat. This dictates the club fashions I choose, and means I can't wear heavy, moisture sensitive things like velvet and brocade. So I am going to make an effort, while the weather is still cool, to wear frilly stuff more often. Be warned - I may show up dressed funny the next time you see me.

1 Until very recently, my weight loss goal was to be able to fit into an old pair of jeans I have from high school/first year university. These pants are a 32" waist - obviously, I can't come even close to doing them up at present. I have given up on this because I realised that it is likely impossible for me to lose enough weight to fit into these - night__watch found them rather tight recently. Additionally, I did a side-by-side comparison recently with my old combat boots from first year university (when I was 19), and noticed that my feet are a good inch longer now than they were then. So I suspect that I am just a bigger man than I was when I was 19, regardless of the amount of body fat I have. So I can guiltlessly be happy if I lose another inch or so.


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Jan. 4th, 2005 12:58 pm (UTC)
Thats cause you were scrawny headbanger boy back in high school
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