Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Question of the Day!

Ok, so everyone has answered the question "What superpower would you have if you could take your pick?" to death. For a slight spin on that, what would you do with your super power if you got it?

The real world beiong what it is, fighting crime is a remarkably awkward use of superpowers; if you were mighty enough to avoid getting killed, you'd likely end up killing and seriously injuring a lot of people, never mind the issues of resposibility and authority that lead to vigilantism being discouraged in the first place. Powerful enough to avoid that, and you're into world domination power levels with all the mess that implies.

So, with no supervillians and ignoring "fighting crime", what would Superman do? He could do various manual labour jobs really quickly, until the unions got him removed. Even then, the pay rate would likely be pretty low. The only powers that would likely result in financial gain would be those that allow the superperson to do things that are either impossible by conventional means, or extremely difficult/expensive.

The guy who can transmute matter's got a great job. I'm sure there are plenty of military positions for super people who are willing to kill.

What else?

If you got super powers, what would you do with them?

For myself, I'd want teleportation, super speed (maybe flying!) and super-not-flabbiness to get rid of my gut. I'd use them to visit people all over the place, and not have to buy a car.
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