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ACUS stuff

Time is running short if I am going to run a game...

Cry of the Unicorn

Basically, a First Series Only Amber game. No Logrus, and a very different Chaos. I have a three part plot for this one (though players wouldn't need to have played in one to be in the others), but thus far I haven't managed to get enough players to run even the first part. Not quite a "SFSP" (snotty first series purist) game mostly because of the liberties I took with Chaos, and the other side of Corwin's Pattern. The first round is to be run with Amberites, round two with Chaosians, and round three with the sons/grandchildren of Corwin. Naturally, there's a secret twist that I'm not going to get into...

Fantastique Authority

As discussed here; basically, PCs are demigods/super powered people in a fantasy setting. Using stripped down Tri Stat rules with the added twist of "Story points" to keep other players occupied in case one player goes off on a tangent. The risk here is that I haven't done any testing on the system I intend to use here. On the plus side, if it worked, I could probably keep running it again and again. I also suspect that I wouldn't have my usual problem of running too short, since I should be able to make the players run it for me once I get some NPCs to start the ball rolling.

Nine Princes EnNobled

As seen here
I ran this at an Ambercon North. I'd run it again, but I haven't been able to think of a new plot beyond "some more Nobles come to Amber and cause another ruckus". This is a big problem for Nobilis and I.

Poll #416851 ACUS games

What games should I run at ACUS?

Cry of the Unicorn: a First Series game with a twist
Fantastic Authority: a Fantasy game of high power
Nine Princes EnNobled: even though I don't have a new plot, just use the old one again, or wing it
ACUS is a big con, and this is your first time; just play this time
Run them ALL! Moo Hoo HA!


I need to remember to book the hotel room, too.
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