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ACUS stuff

Time is running short if I am going to run a game...

Cry of the Unicorn

Basically, a First Series Only Amber game. No Logrus, and a very different Chaos. I have a three part plot for this one (though players wouldn't need to have played in one to be in the others), but thus far I haven't managed to get enough players to run even the first part. Not quite a "SFSP" (snotty first series purist) game mostly because of the liberties I took with Chaos, and the other side of Corwin's Pattern. The first round is to be run with Amberites, round two with Chaosians, and round three with the sons/grandchildren of Corwin. Naturally, there's a secret twist that I'm not going to get into...

Fantastique Authority

As discussed here; basically, PCs are demigods/super powered people in a fantasy setting. Using stripped down Tri Stat rules with the added twist of "Story points" to keep other players occupied in case one player goes off on a tangent. The risk here is that I haven't done any testing on the system I intend to use here. On the plus side, if it worked, I could probably keep running it again and again. I also suspect that I wouldn't have my usual problem of running too short, since I should be able to make the players run it for me once I get some NPCs to start the ball rolling.

Nine Princes EnNobled

As seen here
I ran this at an Ambercon North. I'd run it again, but I haven't been able to think of a new plot beyond "some more Nobles come to Amber and cause another ruckus". This is a big problem for Nobilis and I.

Poll #416851 ACUS games

What games should I run at ACUS?

Cry of the Unicorn: a First Series game with a twist
Fantastic Authority: a Fantasy game of high power
Nine Princes EnNobled: even though I don't have a new plot, just use the old one again, or wing it
ACUS is a big con, and this is your first time; just play this time
Run them ALL! Moo Hoo HA!


I need to remember to book the hotel room, too.


Jan. 12th, 2005 06:13 pm (UTC)
It is a big con; but you'll have more fun and get to know/ get known better if you run one game. (Of course, people will call you "the guy who ran game X").

Anyway, you seem to have more fun GMing at cons. I'd just do one, though.

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