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course, day 2 update.

Found me a doctor.

Course continues to go well.

Getting back into gymming after being sick is hard. I'm quite sore.

The one danger to this course - too much good, yet not that healthy food around. Brownies, ice cream, etc. Must... use... willpower.

Excema really sucks. My skin should stop trying to burn itself off of my body.

My weight tends to change in jumps; I'll stay the same through a time period, then experience a sudden change. When I lose, I'll stay the same for a long time, then suddenly lose a couple pounds. It works the other way, too. I've been eating too much, and the wrong things, since December, and my weight had stayed about the same, even though the staying-at-home-a-lot-being-sick-and-overeating thing. When I was at the gym yesterday, I'd jumped by three pounds, which I found frustrating. It'll likely be a few weeks before I can get that weight off, and get back to moving forward.
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