Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Strictly Party Business

So, two things;

Since I have worked a 13 hour day followed by a 12 hour day already this week, work's giving me a day off, which I have chosen to be Friday. Addiitonally, the Lizard will be out at Book Club Thursday night, and at Opera Friday night, so Beta Colony is open for Weekend as of Thursday night.

StB is, I believe, coming into town Thursday at some point. Additionally, We will be going to some kind of goth club Friday night, and probably roaming the city for a while during the day.

Given the timing, I suspect most people won't be available to join us, but there it is; some manner of blechination Thursday night, and clubbing Friday night, with possible afternoon movie or something Friday during the day.

I may also try to convince StB to play some Ratchet and Clank online.

The other thing:

Next Saturday is Beta Colony's Tequila and Porn Funeral Party! So many themes, you can just pick the ones you like! There will be tequila! There will be porn! There will be board games (Loaded Questions! Settlers of Catan! And MORE!)! Come dressed for a funeral! If we get really ambitious, we might make death-related food! The only thing there won't be is celebration of St. Valentine and sappy romance.
Tags: planning, work

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