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I have decided to join the other sheep and log my books this year.

I ended 2004 reading Carol Queen's "Real Live Nude Girl". 2005 thus far:

  • Neal Stephenson's "The Confusion"

  • Neal Stephenson's "System of the World"

  • Tad Williams' "ShadowMarch"

  • Elizabeth Bear's "Hammered"

I normally read a book a week, but both Stephenson and Williams write what neeuqdrazil calls "wristbreakers"; big heavy books that take a long time for slow pokes like me to get through.

My goal this year is to read one "serious" book for each three "fun" books; the Carol Queen counts as serious - I made a special exemption for Hammered, in part because I needed some SF badly, as I was getting over historied.

I'm currently working on a biography of Aliester Crowley called "Do What Thou Wilt" as my serious book. I have the new Anne Bishop waiting for me on the other side, as well as a Terry Pratchett on loan from night__watch, not to mention the Castenada. I spent a few days struggling with Sarah Ash's first book, but I couldn't get past the romance-novelly-ness of the plot.
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