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Life is going to be psychosis inducing for the next little while. There is a lot that is coming, and I am not willing to let any of it slip.

  • Work is insane, and going to remain that way. I have been busy enough with things that people bring to my desk for the past three weeks that I'm not getting any of my actual work done, and my 2nd deadline for it is Friday. I wanted to do extra work tonight, but it hasn't happened. I'm seriously considering working from home for a day so that people will leave me alone long enough to get some stuff done.

  • My eyes are still infected. I get to poke myself in the eye to smear goo on it every four hours. I think it's helping, but the itching is maddening. I'm also not big on the being half-blind for 15-20 minutes after putting it in either.

  • While I'm relatively not-sick (for the first time since November), I need to get my gym regimen fixed; I've been putting on weight, and that Will Not Do. It's bad for my cholesterol and blood pressure (both of which seem to have gotten worse as well), which is bad for my living to 50 chances. I went tonight and had a full workout. I want two more this week.

  • Food has also gotten out of control. I need to fix my eating habits again. It's mostly just resuming a couple lapsed habits, but it makes a surprising difference. Again, though I need to get things under control again. And I want to, for reasons including general health, and vanity.

  • My brain is coming up with a lot of side projects that want to be done. Whether they do or not will depend on time and energy. But I'm not willing to give up on having a life either. Socialising and seeing Peoples is another priority that I do not want to let slip.

This should all be manageable, if tough. ACUS should be a welcome break when it comes.

It seems like a hell of thing right now, because the endorphin/adrenaline rush form the gym is wearing off, and I'm beginning to feel sore and tired. I want to clench my teeth and stomp through it all though, because I know I'll feel better on the other side.
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