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Pile of links

I borrowed a lot of these from other people throughout the weekend; I can't recall where I found most of them now, so if I've stolen from you and not acknowledged it, I apologise.


I think that this is a hoax; I'm pretty sure, among other things, that at least one of the stars on the celeb sightings page is a vegetarian.

Suspension of Disbelief

People nitpick comics for their reality.

Misty Beethoven: the musical

A porn musical with a singing penis. Check out the trailer when you aren't at work. I do recall that soaring_phoenix was responsible for finding this one.

Lesbian's picture cut from yearbook

Since when was a woman in a tux a threat to the established order?

Winnie does math

Danica McKellar, Winnie from The Wonder Years, offers math help, and has a degree in math.</ <dt>FHM Philippines gives advice</dt>
Is this really what girls are looking for in FHM? Then again, its been a while since I read Cosmo's sex tips. It might be, I suppose.

Ill Will Press

Flash animations featuring a caffinated squirrel and a goth girl in her underpants.

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