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I am apparently ambitious this weekend.

The Lizardqueen is out of town, so, I can make whatever I want for dinner! Of course, the last two nights I've just had leftover chili, because I was too wiped, postgym, to cook.

However, tomorrow, I am making what seems to be a large amount of Indian food;

  • chicken curry

  • mixed vegetable curry

  • gujarati spinach

  • rice

  • flatbread (not really naan, but the easiest subtitute)

  • possibly chana masala, independant of the mixed vegetable curry

  • mango lassi

There's also salad and I am seriously considering trying to make Nitrogen's low-fat yoghurt cheesecake with splenda, so that it will be low-cal as well as low-fat.

So if anyone wants to come over for a spicy dinner tomorrow, there should be food.

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