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Dinner! And a day.

It's been a surprisingly long day.

I slept in a bit, and farted around online until around 1, when I finally got moving. I had breakfast (2 eggs, 2 pc toast and a fruit smoothie) at around 10am, and lunch (PB&J, yoghurt, a banana and a glass of milk) at around one.

I went to a cheap chain to get my haircut, and they did a better job than the local barbershop has been doing, for significantly less. My hair has been unusually compliant today; even with the hat on, I had no hathead. My hair is now 45% spikier - it's spiking even without anything in it right now.

After that, it was gym time. My fourth workout of the week, since Monday night I didn't have time to do weights (I have a three-day cycle for weights, which I try to finish each week). By the time I was done at the gym, it was 4:30. By the time I got home from the grocery store, it was 6ish.

That is the point I began the dinner preparation. I started stuff for the saffron lime cheesecake while simultaneously running up and downstaris to do laundry. As it happens, the elevator is broken until Monday, so I got to haul three loads on laundry in a metal cart up and down 4 floors of stairs.

After the cheesecake was in the oven, I had about three sinkloads of dishes to do before I could start dinner, so I did those. For prep, I chopped; a whole head of garlic, three onions, three red chillies, four green chillies, and a thumb sized lump of ginger. I had put the chicken in the fridge to marinate with yoghurt, ginger, garlic and green chillies the night before, so that pretty much covered all of the chopping.

At 9, I was ready to start cooking, but I had 10 minutes before I had to go get the laundry from the dryer, so I took the opportunity to eat my salad (with mango vinnagrette!). When I had hauled the laundry cart back up the stairs, I could finally start cooking.

I finished at 10, almost exactly.

For the menu, see here.

* The mango lassi went well; it was just a can of mango puree with a container of fat free yoghurt blended in. Yummy, but I could not drink 2 litres of it.
* The chicken curry was kind of disappointing. I didn't get the spices right, and I put in too much yoghurt, so the tangyness overwhlemed the other flavours.
* The "gujarati" spinach didn't work quite right either - I didn't adjust teh amount of salt/sugar properly (the recipie is originally for 1 lb of green beans, but we've foudn that it's good with spinach instead)
* The chana masala was awesome! One of my coworkers brought back spices from India in January, and the chana masala spice that she brought me is incredible. Definitely the highlight of the meal for me.
* The curried vegetables worked out pretty well, too. I was quite happy with the flavour and colour.
* The cheesecake looks like it worked out better than the last one did; I used less yoghurt, so the saffron and lime are more pronounced. I also used splenda instead of sugar - this makes it both low fat (from the low fat yoghurt I used) and low cal. It remains to be seen if that compromised the flavour.

I probably should have had something to eat right after the gym - I ended up doing too much on not enough fuel, so I was shaking and seeing things out of the corner of my eye by the time I was done cooking. I demolished a big plate of food, and now I'm enjoying a food coma. I'd love to just curl up under a blanket and pass out, but there's a very messy kitchen that I need to cleanup. I also have to figure out how to put enough leftovers to feed 4-5 people away into the fridge.

In the end, it is probably good that I did not have dinner guests because a) they probably would have mutineed and ordered pizza while waiting for me to finish cooking, and b) I likely wouldn't have made good company while muttering and flailing around the kitchen. I am pretty happy, though, that I managed to throw it all together. I would have worked out if a) I had done dishes instead of farting around this morning, and b) had a sous-chef. Actually, a dishwashing team to clean up the kitchen afterwards would be nice, too...

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