Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Now that car stress is fading, I'm starting to get excited about ACUS. I've only got a couple more characters to send in, and I've got some pretty solid concepts for each of them. All my player stuff should be done in a day or so.

I still need to do some work for No Higher Authority to make sure I have enough NPC/pre-gens - I still have 2 players who haven't sent in character concepts, so I figure I should make up 4 NPCs in case those players decide they want pregens.

I went to bed at close to 11 last night, feeling crappy. At 12:30, I was woken up by my pager - I was in deep sleep, and thought it was morning. I went back to bed a bit after 1am, and then woke up, for some reason, at 5:45 am, and decided to get up and go to work.

I've been running on adrenalin or something all day, because I haven't felt tired. I've been twitchy and a little shakey, but not tired.

I have Li'l Cthulu on my desk to keep me company now. I am now convinced that I will have to ship Things seperate from their Jars; Cthulu has a cracked wing just from the subway trip here. clearly, the water in the jar allows for too much bouncing around inside the jar.

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