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As always, reply in the comments if you want interviewed.

From bleakenigma

1) How do you think having a car will change your life?

I hope that it will mean that I see my friends more. And it means that there is one less thing that I have to depend on others for, which is important to me.

2) What's your favorite game (non computer) and why?

Board game? Settlers of Catan. RPG? Amber DRPG.

3) What do you like best about living in Toronto?

Having all the things I like nearby - music, games, clubs, food, clothes. Everything is within half an hour by public transit.

4) What qualities do you first notice about people when you're trying to get to know them?

At first, accents, body language mannerisms, that sort of thing. I tend to try to analyze people.

5) How do you deal with relationship stress?

To be perfectly honest? I spend a lot of time thinking it over and over in my head, until I have a pretty clear idea what I'm upset about. Then I stew about it for a while longer, then talk about it.

From uniquecrash5

1. If you could change the world, would you make it bigger or smaller?

A little smaller.

2. What's your favrorite 2 comics series, and why?

Sandman, because of the mythic quality, and Trasnmetropolitan, because of the vitriol.

3. How do others see you (without referring to any physical characteristics)?

Quiet. A little odd, a little silly. Kind of closed.

4. How did you come into your religion?

I am only now starting to make it up, very slowly. I've never believed in any diety. I'm coming to the conclusion that this needn't prevent me from developing my own system of religion.

5. What's the coolest place you've ever had sex?

I've actually had a pretty boring sex life, location wise. I think the strangest place was the floor of my parents' living room.

From corbet

1. What lies in wait under the bed, in the closet, and in other dark places at night?

I've got better than average night vision and spatial memory, so lack of light doesn't bother me that much. But in that solitary silence of the empty night, all my past shames and regrets wait with grasping claws.

2. What's guaranteed to make you smile?

The Lizard Tongue trick. Seeing unreserved affection in someone's eyes. Dancing monkeys.

3. How did you choose your LJ name?

In high school, a friend and I were going to make a comic book. One of the villains was demon-thing with obsidian black skin and big claws, named Curgoth. When I got tired of being Blood Razor (one of the heroes) on BBSes, I switched to Curgoth. I've changed the pronunciation (it was originally sur-goth, I now typically say it kur-goth). I've stuck with it because it's pretty much unique to me; no one else appears to have ever used the name, and it's always available wherever I go. This has some downsides; a google search for Curgoth returns pretty much only results for me, and a Google Groups search shows my old USENET posts which can be linked up to my name, so I've had to get used to the name Curgoth providing a unique identifier, but no anonymity.

4. What's your deepest, darkest secret?

If I told everyone that, it wouldn't be a secret anymore, would it? There are things in my head that I just don't let out.

5. What's the last thing someone said to you that made your knees weak?

"Come here"

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