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If you want to be interviewed, reply in the comments!

by hippybngstockng

1. Finish this sentence: "All bread should be..."

Soft. If it's hard, it's no longer bread, it's toast, or croutons or something.

2. If you had to change lives with someone you know, who would it be?

Lizard, because of the boobies.

3. What book have you read that you feel has most changed you?

Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land. This was the first adult book I read, back in grade four or five. And that really does exaplin a lot about how I've become who I am today.

4. Would you allow yourself to be uploaded into a machine?

In two situations; if my body could persist (then there would be two copies of me!), or if my body was dramatically damaged. I like my meats too much to abandon them without a pressing reason.

5. Love, Money, Politics, or Crime?

Love is a many splendoured thing! Love makes the world go 'round! All you need is love! ( I watched Moulin Rouge recently)

by selfishidol

1. What are your thoughts on existance? What is real to you, and why?

What is real? Things that can be experienced by the senses and corrobortated by others, and verified by repeatable experiments. What matters, and what is useful is an entirely different set of criteria.

2. What do you remember from childhood as being particularly special?

I mostly remember the negative things from my childhood. So I can recall some specially awful times.

3. When did you first want a tattoo, and when did you get it?

I first decided that I wanted a tattoo when I was in first year at Waterloo, when I was 19. I actually got it years later, when I was 22.

4. How do expect the world will end?

Mankind's time on Earth will likely end with some big event that changes the climate faster than we can adapt to it. The orb itself, and probably life on it, will probably continue. The actual planet will probably stick around until the sun eats it.

5. If you could have an extra appendage, what would it be?

Prehensile tail, no question. Easy to conceal if need be, and it can reach low and high as needed.

by tygerdsebat

1. What are the features of an ideal girlfriend/boyfriend?

Aside from being attractive, and attracted to me - intelligent, strong, and open. Willing to communicate.

2. If you woke up and I was in bed with you, how did I get there? ;)

151 and coke is a definite possibility. :) On the other hand, I can think of plenty of other ways too...

3. I'm sure I know this but can't remember: What college degrees do you have and when did you get them?

Technically speaking I have no degrees. Sheridan didn't become an actual degree granting institution until a year or so after I graduated. So I have a diploma from them, and about 1/3 of a degree from Waterloo, both in Computer Science.

4. What is your process for choosing a tattoo and how uncomfortable is it to get one?

My process is basically, when I come up with an idea, I work on it until I have a pretty clear idea exactly what I want. Then I wait at least a year before getting it done - if I can't go the whole year without changing it substantially, I don't have it right yet. How uncomfortable it is depends on where you get it; the more muscle/fat there is, the less painful it is. On the whole, though, it's not that painful. It's like being sharply pinched over and over for the duratiopn of the tattoo.

5. What do you like best about Kung Fu?

The flow of it; Japanese arts tend to have a lot more start and stop, where in kung fu, it's much more continuous and flowing.

by dairymilk

1. If you were forced to become a vegetable two minutes from now, which would you be?

An eggplant. No one messes with an eggplant.

2. You rule the 7 seas aboard you pirate ship. What name do people call out when they see you appraching, and what emotion to they associate it with (ie. Fear, lust, etc)?

Based on previous pirate related games, bafflement, since I would make the worst pirate of all time. I would be The Dread Pirate Monkey.

3. You are stranded on a dessert island (ooh yes I spelt that right!). There are no other food sources, but if it you eat it, the man eating sharks will come for you. What do you do?

I can eat the man eating sharks!

4. Why Ookings?

Because, monkey!

5. What has been your *best*, or favorite, moment in your life, to date?

Most of them are unprintable, and involve two or more people being naked, or happen shortly before or after such an event.

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