Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


Meme? MEME!
Put your playlist on shuffle. Pick the first 25 songs that come up and add "in
my pants" at the end of each title. Bold your favorites.

  1. Beborn Beton, "Personal Hell in My Pants"

  2. David Bowie, "A Better Future in My Pants"

  3. Glenn Danzig, "Overture of the Rebel Angels in My Pants"

  4. Cubante, "Cyberia in My Pants"

  5. Graeme Revell, "Temple of Pain In My Pants"

  6. Cubanate, "Skeletal In My Pants"

  7. The Sisters of Mercy, "1969 in My Pants"

  8. Transcendental, "Disiu in My Pants"

  9. The Cure, "Out of This World In My Pants"

  10. Attrition, "A'Dam et Eva In My Pants"

  11. Alien Sex Fiend, "Ignore The Machine In My Pants"

  12. Fischerspooner, "Invisible In My Pants"

  13. Synical, "Shout At The Devil In My Pants"

  14. Juno Reactor, "Samurai In My Pants"

  15. The Dark, "Masque In My Pants"

  16. The March Violets, "Grooving In Green In My Pants"

  17. Rasputina, "How We Quit The Forest In My Pants"

  18. S.P.O.C.K., "The Force of Life In My Pants"

  19. Fluke, "Zion In My Pants"

  20. Assemblage 23, "Dissapoint In My Pants"

  21. Pixies, "Cactus In My Pants"

  22. Nirvana, "Son of a Gun In My Pants"

  23. My Bloody Valentine, "I Only Said In My Pants"

  24. Delerium, "Aria In My Pants"

  25. Mourning Cloak, "Entelekia In My Pants"


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