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I may do a post-con review at some point, but not right now.

Right now, I have a bunch of ideas for characters, so I'm going to post them for future reference.

The Shade

For a Chaos style game, ideally something like Kindred's Black Watch - a non-Lord of Chaos Chaosian. The general idea is a shapeshifter who's range of forms include living shadow. Throwing in some built in "items" to confer things like 4 pt invulnerability and extra movement should cover intangibility and flying. Add on a focussed version of shapeshifting, and put as many points as are left into combat stats, and you're set with a nifty assassin. Advanced shapeshifting might end up being required, so it could be hard to do with 100 pts without selling some things down.

Visually, I picture the shade as a writhing mass of snakes made of shadow.

The AI

For a cyberpunk game; an AI. Either with no physical body at all (i.e., lives on the net), or lives in a small box and spends a lot of time on the net. Add in some blinds (a big mainframe somewhere that does not hold the AI, and named and numbered "meat puppets" - animatable corpses that the AI can pilot). Spend some points of "freaky AI powers" to allow hacking things, and dump the rest into psyche. All set.

For backstory, either have the character be an entirely created intelligence (ala Wintermute or Neuromancer from Gibson), or an evolved version of a personality recording (like the Dixie Flatline construct from Gibson, or the Feynman construct from E. Bear's Hammered).

The Fae/Daemon Sorcerer

Basic idea is your classic DRPG wizard, but include lots of helper pixies/daemons. I've used the idea of a fae prince with a horde of shapeshifting psychic pixies before. Possible modifications include using glamour instead of sorcery (or in addition to), and using demons instead of faeries for a more Faustian feel. It might also be good to give some of the "pets" the 4 pt rack and weild spells to add more sorcerous glee. It'd be tempting to give this guy shapeshifting, but an item that confers one or more alternate forms would work better, and be more affordable.
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