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Update on the now to come.

This is going to be an incredibly busy weekend; it seems like everything is going to be trying to happen all at once.

I'm going to list all these things, because listing things can be cathartic for me. I'm splitting the things into things I want to do, and things I don't, because, just so I'm clear, most of the things making this weekend busy are things I really do want to do.

Things I don't really want to do;

  • Work - I have to go to work on Saturday night for what is likely to be a late night (2-3 am before I get home in the best case scenario). The stuff we're going to be doing is stuff that I have no real interest in being involved in. I'm being included because I'm competant. Damned crappy competance.

  • Unpacking and laundry. I still need to unpack all my dirty laundry from ACUS, as well as wash it. There will very possibly be more than 3 loads to do this weekend, so it will be time consumy.

Things I do want to do;

  • Mage on Saturday! We missed out last month, so I really want to get back to Mage. I do not want this game to stall out like so many of the others we've been running.

  • zeldajean visit! I feel kind of bad that I won't have time to show her around the city and be a proper host, but it will be good to finally meet.

  • Saving AmberCon North - we've only got two weeks to find a decent set of hotels to start negotiations with if ACN is going to happen this year.

I have this vague feeling that there are yet more things that should be on both lists, but I think that's all I've actually committed to doing.
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