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GameNerd: Update on the now long gone.

A combination ACUs review and musings on me and gaming

I have been realising that I want different things out of my convention games than I want out of my regular face to face games.

For longer term games, I want deep plots, character development, and a solid personal commitment to the game, both form myself and the other people playing.

For con games, though, I find that what I want is more along the lines of a neat/wacky character that fits the genre who gets a chance to do a few wild, wcky in-genre things. I just don't have the time, in a con game, to get into the mindset required for deep intrigue. I just want some wackiness. Admittedly, I generally want at least some wackiness in all my games, but in the longer games, I want more than just William J. Squidanolpoulus the Third.

Anyway, on with the review!

Slot 1: Inheritance

This was a more or less straight-forward Amber children-of-elders game, in which I played night__watch as an Amberite. It was a fun game, with a good twist at the end.

Slot 2: One Night in Heerat

Cyberpunk! Shiny pants! I played a street samurai with an electric hairdo. I got to shoot Lance Henrikson. It was good - though the award for most awesome character concept goes to Judas the crazy homeless terrorist with the superpowered brain parasite.

Slot 3: Nine Losers in Akron

This was a fucking great game, you corpse-felching ass-spelunker! We killed puppies for Satan, saved Oberon, and found Zombie Pants.

Slot 4: Chaogeny

I got to play Yog! I poured myself in paralytic loogie form up a 14 foot tall battle demon's nose! I turned a monk into a 12 eyed-slug!

Slot 5: When the Queen Says Go and Die

Esteban! Fetch the goats! Xavier is now on his third servant. I am going to have to think of a creative way to kill off poor Esteban so that I can replace him next time... it's tradition, by now.

Slot 6: No Higher Authority

My Gm slot. The game went fairly well, though I think I need to fine tune the mechanics a bit - the most specialised character was a lot more powerful than the other characters. I should have slowed him down more by forcing him to summon water, then change it to keep it from sinking into the ground, then use it offensively. However, on the whole, I was pretty happy with it. I didn't need to use my NPC much, and the PCs managed to build a complicated, mutli-layered plot that strongly resembled a three-book epic fantasy, with solid mythic overtones. I'm definitely going to run this one again.

Slot 7: Force 10 From Avalon

I love playing the Green Knight. I fought a Cave Troll! Things went boom! I was pretty wiped by the game ended, though. Great game. AFLAC!

Slot 8: Random and Corwin go to White Castle

Last game of the con! We knew it wasn't going to be serious, so this was my heavy drinking game. It had all the silliness and cliches that one expects from a "Dude!" game, and was a great way to relax at the end of the con.
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