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post-work out blues

I have noticed a problem with my current workout schedule.

When I go to the gym, I do so before dinner, on my way home. When I go to kung fu, I have a small dinner before I leave work (at around 5:30, usually).

In both cases, I'm very, very hungry by the time I head for home. I need to fond something relatively healthy that I can use to satisfy my post-workout hunger. Generally speaking, I find myself craving protein. unfortunately, most sources of protein are also sources of significant amounts of fat (and cholesterol).

So, does any one have any recommendations for quick, portable snacks with lots of protein? At the gym, I can get protein shakes, which seem to do the trick (though they're less pleasant when consumed while walking in -15 C weather), but coming back from kung fu, there's not really any place to stop. (kung fu is in downtown TO)
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