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what, more?

I am Updatey-McUpdatePants this morning.

The gym has been kicking my ass lately. This is not too surprising, since I haven't been going as often as I should in the past few months. On the upside, I'm in a phase where I'm able to up the weight I'm doing. On the down side, the way timing has been working, I've been ending up trying to fit my three workouts a week into Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, so my body is pretty sore by the third day (I have a three day weight rotation, so I'm not repeating weight in that cycle, just cardio, pushups and abs). I'm debating whether or not I should go to the gym tonight. Because I rotate the weights I do, that part of the workout isn't really a problem - what kills me is the cardio portion, because soreness = less energy.

Part of me says "Take the night off, rest up and go Friday while Zil is at the Opera". Part of me says "Go to the gym! The harder you push now, the faster you'll get back into the swing of things and lose the weight you;ve been putting on since xmas." I have to go home after work regardless, since I drove today. This gives me much opportunity to waffle!

Mmm, waffles!


Apr. 14th, 2005 02:36 pm (UTC)
If your body is feeling run down, go to the gym. Do light cardio (go slower and for less time than normal) -- just enough to get your heart rate up for 10 minutes or so.

Then, stretch. Extensively.

I find it's a worthwhile workout when my body feels like junk. Then you can get back to your normal routine tomorrow or whenever.

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