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Yet more monkey posts!

I'll stop after this one.


So, there were various people interested in my proposed activites a little while ago.

No one seemed to have strong preferences for dates, so I am going to pick some!

I am calling a gothclubbing for April 22nd or 23rd, with my preference going for the 23rd, becuasei like Saturdays better.

I am also calling the weekend of April 30th as wine time. If no one else wants to host it, I will - the location is certainly convenient for me, but not so much, I think, for others unless they want to crash at Beta Colony. We have the couch which can sleep two people, plus the air mattress which can theoretically fit another two, and we can rig up something with sleeping bags and cushions for one more if need be.

The basic premise is to get together and drink several bottles of wine. Bread, cheese and fruit are also likely to show up. If a Hamiltonian hosts it, Zil can drive me home, so we can handle the commute. Do we have interested peoples?
Tags: planning

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