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All day yesterday, my right knee was a little sore. Later in the day, it became more sore. By the time Lizard and I were on our way back from suuuushi, I was limping, and the pain had moved to encompass calf, thigh, hip, and right shoulder.

I have this problem occasionally where my hips tilt to one direction (like this / ), making one leg suddenly much shorter than the other, casuing pain as that leg has to push harder when walking. This morning, I decided to go to the gym to see if I could knock myself back into place - I went, and, shockingly, it actually worked - the pain in my leg is mostly gone, and the knot in my right shoulder is about half the size.

My plan for the afternoon was to do laundry, have a hot bath to prevent stiffening of muscles, then a short nap so I would have energy for clubbing, and then hit uniquecrash5's place for a while pre-club.

As of 5:30, I am still working on the first item - laundry has been sucking today. It shouyld only take me 1.5 hrs to do 3 loads, not 5.5 hours. Bah.

At present, I am working on dinner (meatless burger - I was supposed to make meatless chili, but it's a) too much work, and b) not what I want to eat before I go to dance in a crowded space for hours), then I will have my bath. The nap and trip to Casa de Blackthorn are, sadly not likely to happen. On the up side, being tired may mean that I won't overdo it and injure myself tonight. Or, I suppose, it might make it more likely.

We will see.

Also - if you ever decide to try mixing milk, yogurt and chocolate syrup to make up for not having a milkshake - it doesn't work. Blech.
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