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updatey mac-update pants.

It seems that I lifted properly while helping StB move on Sunday - no soreness in the lower back, but a fair bit in the legs, chest and shoulder (rotator cuff, maybe? The places where I've injured both shoulders in the past, anyway). Last night at the gym kind of sucked; my legs started to ache too much to finish my cardio, so I called it a night so I could be better rested for tonight at the gym. This would have worked out, except that when I went up to Eglinton to pick up a package, I miscalculated where the post office thing was, and ended up spending 90 minutes walking around lugging backpack and laptop, and was feeling pretty rough when I got home.

After crashing out for a bit, eating a tasty dinner of spinach and potato fruttata (sp?), and watching NCIS and House, I went to bed in a pretty good mood.

My body has been deciding, with increasing frequency, that 5:30 is when I should be waking up. When it does so, it takes me a roughly half an hour to fall back asleep (if I can at all, which, increasingly, I can't) - which is no good, since my alarm is set for 6:00. I'm not sure if this is just because I'm at the end of a sleep cycle (which are, I'm told about 90 minutes long), or the fact that the sun is starting to come up then, or if the people in the apartment above us are waking up then. I do end up feeling less sleepy when I wake up on my own, but I do miss that sleep. Mmmm, sleep.

Speaking of sleep, and getting it vs. not getting it, my body is still apparently pretty pissed off that I drank so much caffeine at ACUS and at the Hell Weeks after it at work. It feels kind of like there is a spear entering the right side of my chest, where my heart would be if I had dexocardia, and exiting my back about six inches lower. The lung in between doesn't hurt at all, just the muscles. I have no idea what causes this, but hopefully if I remain virtuously decaffinated, it will eventually go away.

In not-complaining about my body news, I am very excited about corwin77's PBeM. I need to finish the short story I'm writing as back story for it so that I can actually send e-mails for the game - I am going to start involving people from the story in the game, so it'd probably help if the GM knew who I was talking about. I've also got one trump done, and have descriptions with which to create more - I'll post them once I have a few.


May. 4th, 2005 01:17 pm (UTC)
Hmm. Just tried that stretch - I can definitely feel the stretch, but it doesn't hurt, and doesn't seem to hit the parts where the pain is - the stretch seems to be a bit closer to the spine than the pain is. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

It seems to be triggered by caffeine, with possible secondary links to exhaustion and air pollution - my father has the exact same pain, but signifcantly worse - he is a regular caffeine consumer. We're not really sure what causes it - when I have mentioned it to my doctors, they have said "well, if coffee makes your chest hurt, don't drink coffee". Which, I suppose, is kind of hard to argue with.

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