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I have nothing to work on on my current project. Normally, this would mean time to get caught up on Amber contributions and usenet, but since I can't connect to ashes, I just... have nothing to do.

I could work on another project, I suppose. But I do not think I will.

This just showcases an interesting thing I have noticed at work. I work with two teams, let's call them A and B. A is the team I was theoretically hired to work for. B is the team I've ended up working with in a more "senior" position; I'm "technical lead" of a system for team B.

Currently, I'm working for team B, and have run short of stuff to do.

I can't recall that ever happening when doing work for team A.

This is, I think, because team B's employees code in COBOL, and most of them are... less than brilliant. So, Project Manager B has fairly low expectations.

Project Manager A is not so hindered, and tends to set more aggressive deadlines.

Alternatively, it may just be a difference in the PMs' interpretation of time estimates; my ability to guess how long things will take is still a bit lousy. PM A will generally take me at my word, while PM B will generally double it.

this post brought to you by me not having anything useful to do.

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