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Friday Fives

1. Describe your education


2. What's the last class you attended?

Formally, a course on UML last winter.

3. Which do you think is more critical: classroom learning or real life experience?

Real life does more for the survival of the individual members of society, while "classroom" is more important to the survival of the culture.

4. What subject would you like to learn more about?

I have a long list.

5. Given the choice, would you sit in the front of a classroom or in the back?

Back. I prefer the option of not being noticed.

1. Do you have time? Do you have the time?

Never quite enough. Almost always.

2. Have you had the time of your life?

I like to think my life has more time, and more times, in it.

3. When does time go fastest, for you? When does it go slowest?

Well, that depends of the frame of reference.

4. Time travel: possible? Why or why not?

Sure, but in a form too weird for us to concieve of right now. Why? Because I think causuality is up to something, and should be messed with.

5. You are being sent back in time, permanently. You must go at least twenty years back. Assuming there will be no problems with speaking the language and so forth, when & where do you go to?

I used to have this recurring daydream wherein I was sent back in time to right about the point at which humanity became homo sapiens. I would then adopt a particular tribe, and teach and train them with advanced philosophy, science, etc., until they were advanced enough for me to move back into an advisor role. This idea assumed I was more or less immortal - or at least that I would live all the way back to the time I left from. It also assumes that my various health problems, which are easily treated by modern medicine, but would be significantly inconveniencing in a less advanced time, would be gone.

If I can't be ageless and eternally healthy, then I am going to stay close to now, with the thyroid medications, indoor plumbing and computers.
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