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Exercise this week has been weird. Monday night, I decided that the various things my legs have been doing in the past couple weeks, which has left them as sore, or more sore than a full wieghts workout, should count as a legs workout, so I crossed that off of my rotation. So Monday was just a cardio workout.

Tuesday, I did not get the endorphins kicking in at all, and I had n oenergy. I slogged through as much as I could, then wilted my way home.

Tongiht, I left work late, and drove, which means coming home to drop off the car before going to the gym. While heading to the gym, I saw three streetcars leaving. neeuqdrazil, who I was on the phone with at the time, suggested that I could probably walk to the gym by the time another streetcar came. That ended up not beng the case, but once I got walking, it seemed like a good idea. Since I was already late, I decided that I would count the walking towards my cardio (I aim to do 45 minutes of cardio per workout). In this weather, I had owrked up a significant sweat by the time I got to the change room.

I went through my workout, and only did 20 minutes on the cross trainer for cardio. Then I went through my weights, though I am trying to take kalivor's advice, and halved the weight on the exercise that hits my shoulder injury (bench press doesn't hit it, but inclined bench press does). Then I half-changed, and walked back home (It's a 20 minute walk each way), so I figure I got enough calorie burning in, if not the heart-rate I normally would.

The important thing, though, is that I've worked out three times this week, including full stretches each night, and I do not seem to be massively sore, so I should be able to keep going for another two nights, which I haven't pulled off in quite some time.
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