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Three more books;

  • Robert Holdstock's "Iron Grail" - book two of the Merlin Codex. It's like Mythago wood, but with a a developed world and story. If you like his work, you will like this. It's weird and mythic and wonderful.

  • Tim Powers' "Declare" - Cold War with monsters. Again, Powers is very Powers in this book. I enjoyed it quite a bit. After my last Powers spree I was concerned that his books were all too similar ( I had read Anubis Gate and Last Call, and burned out part way through Earthquake Weather) - Declare restores my faith in Powers. I just need to not take out ALL of his books at once.

  • John Betancourt's Chaos and Amber - Betancourt tries to salvage the first book by explainingthe gaps and holes. He doesn't do a terrible job, but it's clear that he's apeing Roger Zelazny's style, and doing so poorly - the glory of Zelazny is that he leaves gaping holes in his plots, and yet, makes it work by sheer force of wonder and mythic power. Betancourt misses the boat. He follows too closely to the original Amber books, in that I frequently found myself thinking "When Corwin did/said that, it wasn't just blind stupidity, and it was cool." Betancourt's plot still requires the characters to be brutally and uncharacteristically stupid to ensure the survival of the story.

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