Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

more boring update.

Yesterday was the day of broken toys - my ipod locked up during my workout at the gym, and I didn't figure out how to reboot it until much later in the evening. Just before bed, I dropped the plugged in ipod on the floor, and the power cable lost a plastic bit. I should be able to get it replaced without spending money, so it's merely annoying.

I took nyquil to get to sleep last night, since I was still buzzed on caffeine, and I slept very solidly - though I still woke up at 5, I fell back asleep almost immediately. I could still fall asleep easily right now, in fact.

I must have slept in a strange position, because something in my shoulder joint isn't where it's supposed to be - lifting my mousing arm is quite painful. I don't think I injured it at the gym, since I wasn't doing any upper body lifting last night. Sleeping, it seems, is not without its own dangers.

This does not seem to be my week.
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