Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

airbourne toxic event

This weather is really getting to me.

I do better with cold weather than hot. I am also mildly asthmatic. We do not have air conditioning. I have been waking up feeling tired and sore - the heat and humidity have me sleeping contorted into odd positions. My right arm/shoulder has been especially hurty. I spent most of yesterday with no clothes on, because it was too hot. I was so tired this morning that I put my boxers on backwards, and now I am, stuck with backwards boxers all day.

Toronto has had as many smog advisory days this year as it had all last year. So this is not likely to get better any time soon. I have been trying to avoid driving the car on smog advisory days, but while I managed to avoid it all last week, I need the car today, so I did my part to making the filthy air that much more filthy today.

When we moved into our apartment, we got a few things free from the last tenants. Among these are a shabby BBQ with a questionable burner and what seems to be a fair amount of propane. We don't trust it on our balcony - anyone want it?

The other thing we got was an air conditioner. We have yet to take it out of the storage locker we found it in, but I think that we will have to give in now. We will see if it works, and watch as our power bill goes up. Also, I hope the thing doesn't have anythign too nasty living in it - the storage locker room has a tendency to leak near our locker, so it may have been sitting in a damp puddle for close to two years now.
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