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Last night, I dreamt that Zil and I were in Woodstock, visiting my family there. My Uncle's ex-wife was there, being snarky. My memory of this part of my dream is a little fuzzy.

A little later, though, the colour temperature shifted from warm oranges, yellows and browns to deep blues, and blacks constrasted with strong reds and yellows. At that point, night__watch was involved in the dream. He had gone wandering (or perhaps Wandering), and neeuqdrazil and I were going to follow him for a while. We had some basic camping gear - a large part of the travel was to be through wooded areas near or in urban areas.

There was a large box of assorted decks of cards in the Woodstock living room that we were using as our staging area. I was grabbing decks of cards (some standard playing cards, some tarot decks, including the "Moon Tarot"), because that was what we were going to need to follow night__watch - he was using cards to determine his path, and we'd need our own cards to make it through.

Around that point, I woke up.
Tags: dreamtime

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