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Our net connection was fubar'ed last night due to the snarkiness of our router, so I did not get to read LJ or comics last night. I didn't die! But it was a near thing.

After a gym workout with my mind of my shoulder, I have come to the conclusion that my current pain is not directly related to my old injury, because the part of my shoulder tht hurts is not the part that I injured either time. The pain seems to be radiating directly from the big knot in my right shoulder, and it's smaller cousin on my left shoulder.

I'd like to get rid of this headache that I've had for the better part of a couple weeks now. I'm tempted to load up on advil, but concerned that if I don't feel pain in the shoulder, I'll blithely overuse it, and injure it again. Hopefully, some of this soreness is just being caused by me sleeping in weird positions to keep myself from sleeping on my new piercings, and it will get better as those heal. I think advil is winning the argument for the moment, though I am still going to try to not have it in my system when I am at the gym.
Tags: bodyproject, update

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