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Well, that sucked.

I went to the gym, but had to cut it short.

While I was doing cardio on the cross-trainer, the heart rate monitor suddenly started going nuts, jumping back and forth between 120, 178, 132, etc., then it dropped to 100. Not long after that, the machine cranked the resistance way up to get my heart rate up, and before long, I couldn't move the handles, so I stopped, and cleaned the machine off. At that point, I noticed that I was shaking a bit, and wheezing. Breathing became more difficult, and I started to get dizzy. I had to stop in a heap against a wall to make it back to the change room where my inhaler was. I haven't had an asthma attack in a couple years - I believe it's the pollution/heat/humidity that does it. The inhaler helped enough to get me mobile again, but I'm still feeling like poop.
Tags: bodyproject, ick, medical, update

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