Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


Last night, my dream had three distinct phases.

The first phase featured a familiar theme - I was on public transit with a large amount of difficult to handle luggage, with emphasis on the difficulty in gathering the entire load for quick transfers between trains. $COWORKER V was with me, and being unhelpful, as is her want.

That led into a dream of being in Oakville (it didn't resemble Oakville, but I knew that is where it was), where there was a set of tunnel type things running under the streets. The openings to these look like the big water filled pits that the city workers have been building in my neighbourhood in TO since we moved here - big wooden beams in a box shape reinforcing a square pit. JV from work was there with me, and he spoke disapprovingly of my intent to go exploring, even if I was going to use ropes to secure my return to the surface. While thinking about it, I decided to pull myself up onto a rock ledge at about head level. I jumped up and grabbed the ledge, and used my abs to pull up my lower body, then hard a hard time getting my legs to swing up to the ledge. I recall that the ab part of the motion seemed exceptionally effortless.

The last phase of the dream took place in winter. I was a high school student, hanging around the schoolyard, playing with the thing I had built. It was basically a hovercraft with a jet engine, and I'd been driving it around the field. The scene shifted to an ice rink, where I took the hovercraft, and moved around with only two of the rockets on the back on (the bottom most, and one near the top - they were arranged in an inverted pyramid). The girl I was trying to impress was impressed, but a nearby teacher was pissed that I was cutting a melted track behind me in the ice. I promised to clean it up when I was done, but I wandered off without doing so.
Tags: dreamtime

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