Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

weekend update

This was my weekend;


After work, Lizard and I had a quick dinner of smoked salmon hash, then we watched a little Buffy, and headed out to Hamilton for an evening of fun and excitment with corwin77 , selfishidol, and dairymilk, and a guest appearance by M. Many balders were dashed, and we learned to not order the duck with rice at QQ.


After a lazy morning featuring more Buffy, I drove Lizard up to night__mere's place, where dinner was had, and clean air was breathed. At around 10, I headed back into the city, while worked pestered me remotely. I made my savings throw against getting lost, but only barely.


Sautrday, I checked out the Renn Fest at Casa Loma. It was... adequate. Casa Loma itself is impressive from the outside, but pretty boring inside. There were a few vendors with a few things for sale, but nothing that caught my eye. AEMMA did a full-armoured comabt demo (spear vs longsword) that was impressive to watch. I was ready to smite the tourists walking by shouting "OOOH LOOK! JOUSTING!". Immediately after that, belly dancers came out and did a pretty solid show. After watching the Men in Tights show, and Zoltan the Adeqaute, I wandered off. I took pictures, and I'll put them up somewhere at some point soon.

I got too much sun (though not a sunburn), and sunstroke-induced lethargy meant that Saturday night was spent sipping beer, eating salsa soup, and putting tags on LJ posts going back to the beginning of 2004.


Sunday, I sat around, cleaned some bark, and generally was lazy until the afternoon, when I went to go fetch the Lizard. When we got back, we hit the store, and watched HellBoy.
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