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Whiny Rant

Warning: what follows is me whining and ranting about the minor irritations that have combined to have a detrimental effect on my mood.

This has not been an especially good day for me.

Things that have sucked today:

  • I left 10 minutes early this morning. I was quite proud of myself; every Tuesday morning, we have a meeting at 9am, and I've developed a nasty habit of being late for it. Last week, I left 5 minutes early, and ended up being 5 minutes late to work, due to the TTC screwing up their bus schedules. So, today, I left 10 minutes early. All was going well until I got to the last leg of my journey; I ran from the subway to the bus, but as soon as I started towards the bus sitting at the stop, it closed it doors and headed out with its large numbers of school children. The busses at islington are badly organized, so I had to wait 10 minutes for another bus; when it came, another was right behind it. If the buses were staggered out, it would have only been 5 minutes. Since it was raining today, traffic was a bit slow, so I got to work at 9:05, again.

  • On getting to work, I finally got rid of my last pager. This would have been a big weight off of my shoulders, except... The guy who took the pager from me was doing a big presentation this morning. The pager went off twice during the presentation, so I had to run around and deal with the pages.

  • The @Home news server has finally died. This means we have to go back to using the Rogers news server. Which would be fine, except that the Rogers server is a piece of crap. Rogers just hasn't managed to get their act together as of yet. their mail and news servers are simply not very well maintained. They are slow, buggy and don't seem to play well with applications that expect standards compliance.


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