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Last night I dreamt that I was in high school. The class appeared to be taking place in a drug store cosmetics department. It was an English class, and there was both an essay due, and a test to write. I hadn't written the essay, so I was trying to do that and finish the test at the same time. It was a pretty informal setting - were were allowed to talk and share information. I was asking neeuqdrazil for help, because there were a lot of history questions (I think about 18th century Russians who wore black). It became apparent that I wasn't going to be done the essay in time, and had only answered one or two questions on the test. The teacher was an older woman (close to retirement - she had short, thick curly hair that was iron grey, and big thick glasses. She looked simialr to, but not the same as, the teacher who taught me in grades 4 and 5).

She was pretty disappointed that I had screwed up the test. I was feeling pretty bad.

At about this point, the protagonist shifted from being me - the POV charcter was now a skinny boy with shaggy black hair, no glasses, and green eyes. The rest of the class vanished, and the time period changed to the 18th/19th century. The room was now a cramped teacher's office with light wood lit by lamp light.

The teacher said she could arrange a way for me to make up the test with sex. She opened a chest and started to pull out bondage gear, which included stuff labelled "Madame Bolova". She had a tall heavily gilted walking stick/staff that pulled away like a sword cane, but it had a riding crop inside instead.

There was blurry beginning to a sex scene when The Authorities came in. they arrested Madame Bolova, who was wearing a white shift and a corset, and dragged the POV boy (wearng a white ruffly shirt that was open to the waist, and black breeches).

Bolova was disgraced, and the scene showed young socialitie women (dressed in a more 18th century style, with big blond wigs and overdone makeup) gossiping about Bolova and the boy, and laughing at both. This is about where the dream ends.


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