Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Body Project: Gym stuff

I made it to the gym again tonight, which makes me happy - my body is liking the attention.

I went a little overboard on the cardio - my heart rate was too high, and I was a little too drained for my weights. I made it through, but I was a little woozy after. The machine said my heart rate reached 201 bpm, but I don't think it ever actually topped 168, which is still Too High. Monkey needs to take it easier tomorrow night.

My system of a) getting rid of the old stinky weight gloves, and b) using the disinfectant spray on my headphones seems to be working - no more stink, except what I generate in a given workout!

My weight has taken a sudden drop - down 4 lbs since Monday, and the loss seems to be holding. The 4 lbs on Monday could have been from too much sodium on Sunday, and the loss could be the result of not eating enough last week. We will see if the weight goes back up, or if I can keep it there via healthy means.
Tags: bodyproject

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