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So, my cell phone sucks. I got a minimal feature phone when I signed up a couple years ago, and it is in need to replacing. If I get another minimal phone, and sign up for another contract, I could probably get the phone for free.

However... gadget lust rears its ugly head. I am pondering getting a fancy phone. Maybe something with a camera in it. Or one of those phones that is also a palm pilot, since I do not have a PDA. I'm not too worried about the initial cost of the phone, but I'm concerned about how much the extra features I wuold need to support a fancy phone would cost.

So, I ask you, LazyWeb, for reccomendations for fancy phones that will work in Canada. I know nothing of these phones beyond what I have said above. What should I be looking for? Is there a significant difference between phone companies for these things?

I might still go for something boring. But I at least wanna go drool over the shinies.
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