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In doing my research on FancyPhones, I came across a feature I hadn't thought about - the HP iPAQ phones have 802.11b, which means I can use them to get net access from a hotspot. I'm thinking this is going to be useful enough that I won't worry about data service (or else just go with the cheapest one - $3/month for 1/4 of a MB, and see how much I actually use it). The phone has all the other toys I was looking at (though its windows instead of palm).

I've also been discovering that Bell actually sucks quite bit - they have good long distance plans, and not much else going for them. Rogers has the same phones, for the same price, with free accessories, as well as many other FancyPhones. Telus has a limited selection, but better wireless rates than the other two providers (though I think it's a little weaselly to mention in your fine print that unlimited means 50 MB/month with a $10/MB beyond that charge).

I am now strongly leaning towards the iPAQ h6325 - it's only slightly more than the h6320 - apparently the built-in camera is worth $20. It also has bluetooth, which should let me sync it with my work laptop without needing to take a cable with me, not to mention the option of a wireless headset, etc.

Now, off to get library books and hit the gym. And maybe pester some Rogers salesdroids.
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