Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Bye for now, fancy pants

A quick review;

Nearly all the cool boot stores in TO have closed. Siren is gone (though supposedly it will return with a new name and owner). Nocturnalia is now online only. Army surplus stores no longer have actual surplus army gear, particualrly combat boots - the armies of the Western world are now using all thier gear until it disintegrates, and no longer make it available as cheap, sturdy footwear for young people. (I suspect I no longer count as a young person either, as far as that goes).

On the other hand, HMV has a goth/industrial section. The Savage Garden people are going to be opening a cyber/goth shop on Queen West.

It's goth, Jim, but not as we know it.

Basically, this means that I am going to need to find places to buy boots online when these ones fall apart, and that I am going to need to learn how to sew from a pattern (instead of just connecting squares, which is how all my sewing is done now) before my ruffly shirts fall apart. Based on what I saw in the UK last December, there's still hope of finding such things online, too.

Welcome to the future - there will be shipping costs.
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