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Curse you time!

I need a time machine or something. Even a personal teleporter would suffice for most uses, I think.

Saturday night, I had been thinking of going to Dark Rave - they're having a big anniversary thing, and doing a Star Wars theme. I had worked out a full sith outfit, modified for dance level ventilation, with an optional layer shed if I got too warm, and was fairly happy with said design. More importantly, I haven't been dancing in far too long, and need to get out and shake something.

However, saturday is also kalivor's party, possibly the last one he'll have a chance to throw before he moves out and heads off to the UK. Not only that, but pez_minotaur has proposed to finally do Iron Bartender that night.

There will be more Dark Raves, in due time, and if it comes to it, KoolHaus is going to be playing Industrial Sunday night, which might fulfil my dancing needs, though I'm less likely to run into people I know that night. Time's running out on nights to drink with kalivor, though, so I'll have to put away Darth Mime for a while, and skip Dark Rave.

To sum up, fuck you time, with your constancy and inelasticity. Space can also got and get sodomized by an irate goat for similar reasons, while we're at it.



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Sep. 2nd, 2005 10:50 pm (UTC)
The lovely and wise neeuqdrazil has pointed out that given her party endurance, and how late Dark Raves run, it would likely be workable to go to the Kalivor party, Iron Bartend, and then come back to Toronto and hit Dark Rave in time to catch the Industrial DJ spin the music I'm more interested in dancing to anyway.

And this way, everyone gets to see the Darth Mime costume, though I may dial down the makeup I'd been thinking of if I'm goign to be wearing it longer.
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