Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


I'm finally taking some time to spend on my creative projects; as discussed here, I'm making some masks out of tree parts. I've got some leaves soaking in glycerin and water, after a short bath in lemon water. I've got more leaves soaking in lemon water that I'm going to try just brushing with watered down white glue after. I plan to compare the results and decide on which way I prefer for leaf preservation. I'm testing with fresh maple leaves (picked yesterday) and oak leaves that I found on the ground - they were probably blown off the tree on Tuesday night when the remnants of Katrina swept through.

In the mean time, I'm knotting string to make the net for the back of my birch mask - the plan is to attach strips of cedar bark to the net where the lines meet, and have a sort of hair effect.

Pictures of the birch mask so far are here

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