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Tired Monkey

Well, it seems that I could, in fact, manage to do just about everything I wanted to do, plus a little more. All I had to do was skip sleep! :) I left home at 4:30, got to Hamilton at 6:30, and was at Dark Rave by 1am. I ended up at home by 7:30, and napped until 11:30.

Good Things:

  • Hanging out with the Hamilton gang

  • Dancing until I could dance no more

  • Trying new things

  • Getting to know people better

  • Discussing my being a stupid weasel like two rational adults.

Not Good Things:

  • Me, being very weaselly about changes of plans.

  • A few short reminders of things I am not good at.

  • I lost a glove on my way home.

Neutral Things:

  • Dark Rave is still not quite my scene for dancing - too many people talking with friends, standing around, and talking on their cell phones on the dance floor. Also, I like dancing to slightly more aggressive music. This just means that I will have to make sure I go to Savage as well as FunHaus for nights out. The Star Wars theme was fun, though.

  • Polyester sith robes don't breathe at all. But they can be shrugged out of easily for air conditioning.

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