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Interests Meme

I saw other people doing this meme, and decided it would be fun to build a CGI script to handle picking the interests. Reviews are welcome. Check the bit at the bottom or go here to try it my way. I have also given some thought to putting in an alternate "random" mode for selecting interests.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. amber:
    The Eternal City of Roger Zelazny's Amber novels.
  2. boots:
    I like boots. Combat boots, fancy new rock space man boots, pointy toed boots - I find boots more comfortable on my feet, and boots are generally more durable than shoes.
  3. curry:
    Spicy food is good.
  4. hugin:
    Thought - one of Odin's ravens. Both Odin and the raven family of birds hold a partidcular symbolic resonance for me, so Odin's birds are especially significant to me.
  5. kung fu:
    I studied Hung Gar style kung fu at the Jing Mo kung fu club for a little under two years before the club disappeared in a puff of politics.
  6. munin:
    Memory - Odin's other raven.
  7. odin:
    Odin, chief god among the Norse pantheon. He suffered for knowledge, gave up his eye to get what he needed to protect his people. Strong, and willing to bleed to win what is worth having. Also the cruel, savage leader of the Wild Hunt, patron of Berserkers. I've always found a strong symbolic resonance with the figure of Odin.
  8. roger zelazny:
    Science fiction author - one of the best of his generation.
  9. snow:
    I like winter, mainly because of snow. I love tromping through deep snow on a chill day. Snow is as exciting for me as the first patch of green is for other people.
  10. the black road:
    An Amber Diceless Roleplaying convention in Boston. I was sad to miss it this year.

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