Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Quick weekend update

Friday I went to the Pez Bachelor party, and had a good time. I also discovered that the last bus to Toronto leaves at 11:30, not, as I had thought, midnight. Thankfully, Pez provided me with much needed crash space.

Saturday was the the Firefly marathon. We made it all the way through! There was action! Adventure! Cuddling! More bus peril!

Today, sleep, greasy diner food, and recreational coding, topped off with Return of the King.

I need to shave shortly, or I will soon have a scraggly blondish beard, and that way lies madness! MADNESS!

I may have had too much sugar today.

I should spend more time sewing in the next little while. Maybe I'll learn to sew from a pattern, some day, and be able to make things that are not connected squares.
Tags: update

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