Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


Dreamtime again, this time, literally. And no sex this time.

This morning's dream took place in a ravine. Everything was in shades of brown, except for the slate grey of the overcast sky. The earth was soft, and skirting the border between mud and soil. There were decaying brown leaves mixed in the dirt, and the dark naked limbs of the trees moved in the breeze.

Two small men in loincloths moved up the ravine through a clear stretch. They were fighting an encroachment of Westerners - I think there was something about a resort being built on the tribal lands. The men could have been Australian aborigines, North American natives, or something else, appearance-wise.

One of the men moved forward, and stepped out on to the clear road. the other man yelled out "No, it's not safe!". The first man had a flash of insight, and jumped back, just as a dirty dark blue pickup truck drove by. the driver was a member of the tribe who had allowed himself to become fat, grew his hair long(or was it his facial hair that was out of place?), and was wearing a plaid flannel jacket.

When the flash of insight happened, a voiceover came into the dream, and said somethin to the effect of "And in that moment, $NAME ceased to be $NAME the warrior - he became $NAME the sage."

When the truck drove by, the driver waved and grinned happily. The voice over said "$NAME looked at $DRIVER and Saw that it was no longer $DRIVER there - it was a thing wearing $DRIVER". An image flashed of $DRIVER with white smeared over his face (lime, woad, white clay or something similar), and then reaching u and pulling his face back over his head, revealing a feral face of sharp fangs.

$NAME grabbed a dead tree from the soft earth, and threw it like a spear. It pierced the rusted side of the truck, and stuck in. The truck drove away.

It was clear that, after the flash of insight, $NAME (I cannot recall the name $NAME and $DRIVER had) had become a sage/shaman, and now operated in both the "mythic" and "prosaic" layers of reality - he was hooked into the Dreamtime.

I think there was a possibility that the "natives" functioned primarily in the Dreamtime - they saw the spiritual, animist version of the world, and the sages were those who could percieve both. People who lost their way fell into the prosaic version of reality and were no longer part of the people.
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