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I am getting bored with my hair. Spiky and red has been fun, and I may keep it going for a while, but I feel like doing something different for a little while.

One complicated option I am pondering, mostly inspired by people wondering what I'd look like with a beard - let my hair grow out for a couple months more, and grow in a beard. Then bleach it as pale as I'm willing to get it, and wear it that way for a week, give or take. Then go purple or blue for a weekend, and shave off the beard. When that is over, get it cut short again and dye black over the bright colour. The final result would be like what I have now, but black, but it'd be a long, overly complicated process to get there. The growing out of the hair is necessary, because my hair as I have it now is too short to really showcase a properly iridescent colour. I'd need to find a reason to have the funky coloured hair, and take a couple days off to enjoy it, so I'd likely wait for something weird and interesting to come up sometime between November and January, if I started now.

Because I love waffles, I have made a poll so that all may try to sway me in my indecision;

What should I do with my hair?

longer, blonder, bearder -> purple -> black
Just keep it the way it is
go black, never go back
go black, all the way down my back (i.e., long and black again)
shave it all off again
go back to natural brown


If you want to see me with various hair colours, look here, here or you can find more if you look hard enough.
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