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Yesterday, I woke up near the end of a dream about a convention of some sort, in a tall hotel. neeuqdrazil was there with me. There was a short, stocky Asian kid who had been fencing with tormenta all weekend. When the question of who was doing better came up, northbard said that one could tell by counting the scars on thier faces - tormenta had been scratched once or twice, while the kid had a lot of cuts. They were fencing with live steel and no protective gear. The hotel had powder blue walls and a sort of pale orangey brown wood for trim and doors. There was more to the dream, but I don't remember it any more.

This morning, I dreamt of being in a fancy place of some sort with neeuqdrazil and other unspecified friends. I don't remember much about the first scene, other than that there were rich people there who weren't very friendly. The next scene cut to outdoors at night, in late fall or early winter. THere was a smooth criminal of some sort with a bag of Loot. I was suddenly a super-speed type superhero, and was arguing with the crook. I told him the I was fast enough that I could take his bag without him noticing, then did so - I replaced it with a smaller bag filled with rocks or paper or something. I then did something similar and took something else from him (can't recall what). I zoomed off, and entered the next scene as me again.

Now neeuqdrazil and I (with our unspecified friend) were now at a fancy party at a fancy hotel. There were famous people there, and I think it was some kind of show biz party. We were standing in the entrance hall, and heading into the main party, when someone announced that "Queen Andrew" was coming down. A swirl of uniformed men and evening gown dressed women came through, and when they parted, rather than the expected queenly woman, there was a lanky man in a tux with short red hair and freckles. I thought "The Queen has a cold" - his face was red, his eyes watery and tired. He hadn't shaved in a day or two. He greeted neeuqdrazil, and then went off somewhere else. The hotel entrance hall was mostly white with dark wood.

We then moved into the main party, which was furnished with slightly lighter wood, with the walls and table cloths primiarliy green. There were dishes of food on the tables (mostly desserts - cake, tarts, etc.). The plates were mostly red. The dress code was less formal in here - most of the men were wearing suits and wide collar shirts with the top button open in solid primary colours (yellow and re dbeing popular colours). The light was muted, and coming from semi-circular lamps hung about 2/3 of the way up the wall. Some of the table looked like they might be pool tables. We looked at the desserts, and tried to get some plates of food. The rich, famous people were being snarky and mean, and finding reasons to mock and humiliate us. They did so on an individual basis, rather than collectively, so it didn't have the sense that they were doing it out of organized cruelty - they were just not very nice people.

I woke with a start when my body realised that it was 6:12, and I hadn't heard my alarm yet - I think I may have turned it off without waking up.
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