Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Story seed

Another seed for a story I haven't the skill to write:

There are two worlds - the world we know, and the one we barely remember. The Spirit World. Where our ancestors talked to the animals and spirits, before they forgot how.

Everything and everyone lives in both worlds. It's just how much. We see more of the Other Place than we think, but we forget, and rationalize it away. Our shadows in that place are blind, stupid giants, trampling on the flowers. The animals live more in that place than we do - in some cases, mostly in that world. Spider likes it better over there, and Buffalo sits content. The animals we've bound to us, that we've domesticated, we've pinned down and dragged into our world, crippling them Over There - Dog never used to get lost in the Hunt. Now he can't keep up in the Spirit World, now he's laughed at by Wolf and Coyote. Cat is trying to break free - which is why cats sleep so much.

Predictably, a story set in this world would have to involve someone getting pulled into the Spirit side of things and getting in over his or her head.
Tags: specfic, stories

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